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The Indyfest Network is all about having tools. Tools for creators and publishers, and, tools for fans. Do achieve a real balance of form, function, and fun…we are putting things into HUBs…places within the network where specific things can be accomplished without interference, and yet, still be very much connected to, the whole. So we have a Hub for Creators, a hub for Products, a Hub for News, and now, a Hub for Events. And so, a publisher with a store set up in the Indyfest network, can, from their dashboard, enter an event – as simply or as complex of one as they wish, selling tickets or not, etc, etc…and that event, will automatically display HERE at this site, where YOU, someone looking for something to attend…might catch wind of it easily. So Bands can announce gigs. Artists can announce store appearances at local stores. Conventions can let everyone know everything about their shows from table availability to how much door tickets are, etc. Our presentation of this information will strive to make it easy for people to be attached to what’s going on in their area, and elsewhere, at a glance. That, plus provide a way for people to let their friends know they are going to an even through their social media, talk about it, be a real part of the buzz.

There’s even more to it, but let’s just let it develop as we go. Just another reason that Indyfest is the best thing to hit the indy world since, well, being indy.